Getting Paid

Payments Your Way

ID Medical offers several payment options so you can be paid in a way that suits your needs. We run daily payroll, meaning you could be paid within two working days (excluding Direct Engagment models).

When registering with us, simply choose the payment method that works for you. We’ll ask you for a few details to set everything up and then we’ll handle the rest. You can even change your mind at any time. Simply update your online profile or speak to your recruitment consultant.

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PAYE, Umbrella Company, Limited Company

PAYE and Direct Engagment Payments

Being paid PAYE means that you’ll be employed directly by ID Medical. Simply send us your timesheets and we’ll take care of the rest. Working for us PAYE comes with an added bonus: timesheets submitted before 2:30pm will be paid within two working days!

If you’re interested in a different way of getting paid, we also work with umbrella companies and directly with limited companies. As a result of recent changes to IR35 legislation, there are significant limitations on being paid via a limited company. Please see our IR35 Legislation information page for more details.

Please be aware that some NHS trusts pay doctors and AHPs via a Direct Engagement model. In these cases, you may need to submit a trust-specific timesheet and you will be paid directly via the trust rather than ID Medical. These models are only used for doctors and AHPs. Your recruitment consultant will be able to give you additional information about which trusts work through Direct Engagment.

Limited Company Umbrella Company

IR35 Legislation

As of 6th April 2017, new IR35 legislation means that the vast majority of temporary staff working via their own limited companies will have to have their income taxed at source.

In this environment, there is considerable risk for both agencies and workers. For both, the incorrect tax treatment of income could result in a large unexpected tax bill. Your welfare is important to us and as such, we strongly encourage you to be aware of the implications of IR35 and other tax regulations. Our IR35 Legislation web page will provide you with additional details.

Please note that in order to comply with HMRC rules including IR35, not all payment methods will be available to all roles.